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After the 2006 protest a national strike closed down the country for four days It ended when the government agreed to ban open pit coal mining in Phulbari and expel Asia Energy Corporation out of the country However the government plans to announce a new coal policy by June 2011 and GCM Resources expects the mine to move forward

Asia Energy s future with Phulbari coa mine bleak

Dhaka The future of Phulbari coal mine project of UK based Asia Energy since renamed as Global Coal Management GCM has become bleak following the Prime Minister s recent distinct statement on coal mining in the country

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Govt in difficulty to scrap deal on Phulbari coal mine The Phulbari Coal Mine has a reserve of 572 million tonnes of high quality coal The coal mine project has remained stalled since strong protests by the local people in August 2006 that resulted in the deaths of six people in police firing in Dinajpur district

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Phulbari has embraced to resist open pit mine in Phulbari It is not only the National Committee this time but also the Mayor of the Phulbari Borough the Chairman of Phulbari Upazilla and the Business Entrepreneurs have all come to consensus that they will fight against GCM s proposed project The UK governments recommendations could do

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GCM Resources plc formerly Asia Energy plc was incorporated in London in September 2003 and acquired 100 of Asia Energy Corporation Pty Ltd which held the licences to explore and mine the Phulbari Coal Project in the Dinajpur district of Bangladesh

Indigenous Peoples in Bangladesh Protest to Stop Open Pit

Indigenous Peoples in Bangladesh Protest to Stop Open Pit Coal Mine 2006 2014 mainly or initiated by indigenous participants mainly or initiated by people of color were attacked by some hooligans backed by the minister while they were demonstrating their opposition to the Phulbari mine Local people were also attacked in the nearby

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Phulbari Day will take place this Wednesday 26 August at 6 30pm It marks the day when nine years ago a protest by local people against an open pit coal mine in Phulbari Bangladesh resulted in three people being killed and many more injured as the crowd was

Bangladesh Phulbari coal mine – losses beyond

May 16 2012 · A UK company is planning to build a huge coal mine in Bangladesh The impacts would be devastating The Asian Development Bank is considering supporting the project anyway By Chris Lang Published in WRM Bulletin no 128 March 2008 The proposed Phulbari open pit coal mine in Bangladesh would divert a river suck an aquifer

Phulbari protesters give ultimatum to meet 6 point demands

Leaders of the National Committee to Protect Oil Gas Mineral Resources Power and Ports have demanded immediate implementation of their six point demands regarding the clash between police and people who protested the proposed Phulbari open pit coal mine in Dinajpur in 2006

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BankTrack – Phulbari coal mine About Phulbari coal mine The Phulbari coal project is a proposed open pit coal mine in northwest Bangladesh and includes the construction of at least one 500 MW power plant At full production about eight million tons of coal will be transported by rail and barges to

GCM Resources at Phulbari perseverance or perversity

Dec 20 2016 · Photo Phulbari Solidarity Group Report on the GCM Resources AGM 4 Hamilton Place London W1 Thursday 15 December 2016 by Richard Solly Co ordinator London Mining Network GCM Resources has only one active project the Phulbari coal project this is a plan for an opencast coal mine in north western Bangladesh The project has been stalled

Massive protest rally against mines in Phulbari Barapukuria

Barapukuria is an underground coal mine located approximately 10 miles from Phulbari The severe environmental social and political problems caused by the Barapukuria mine should serve as a powerful warning to backers of the proposed Phulbari Coal Mine Project The 2 500 acre underground mine includes 650 acres of agricultural land on the

The mystery death a town in uproar and a 1bn UK mines

Sep 02 2006 · The mystery death a town in uproar and a 1bn UK mines deal These people are carrying on like we ve got a coal mine there We haven t All

UN Calls for Immediate Halt of Phulbari Coal Project in

Apr 11 2012 · All in a day s work for an industry salivating at the thought of the profit it would reap from this destruction In this case that would be London based Global Coal Management Resources GCM which claims Bangladesh s coal reserves in Phulbari as its primary asset GCM s efforts to force the coal mine forward have already resulted in bloodshed

Phulbari Resistance was made possible by Women s Uprising

Mar 08 2020 · People have put a halt to the mine for more than 13 years But GCM are selling shares on Phulbari coal project s name They are to hold their AGM again this Tuesday on 10 th March This will be resisted Women and men in Phulbari town will be demonstrating against the AGM of GCM on Monday 9 th March In London we will convey the message from

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Project FAQs How big is the mine footprint The mine footprint is 5 193 hectares At any one time only a third of this will be used for mining the remainder can continue to be used prior to mining or following rehabilitation after mining How much power generation can the Phulbari Coal Mine support

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Jul 12 2006 · That figure contradicts Professor Anu s own findings which show only 2 usually local government officials who will get compensation are actually in favour of the mine Power for profit Some of Phulbari s coal will be kept back for use in Bangladesh replacing several millions of tonnes a year currently imported from India

Exploitation of Phulbari coal deposit is a must DinajpurBD

Exploitation of Phulbari coal deposit is a must AKM Sahmsuddin The Financial Express 18th May 2010 Proposal of Asia Energy Asia Energy proposed to extract about 10 15 million tons of coal from Phulbari Coal Field adopting open pit mining method from a depth ranging from 250 to 300 meters by removing 4400 million tons of overburden rock sand mud soil covering an area of about 5 2 sq km

Bangladesh Protests Against Open Pit Coal Mining in Phulbari

Nov 25 2012 · In Phulbari 350 kilometers northwest of the Bangladesh capital Dhaka local communities have come together to raise their voices against the proposed Phulbari open pit coal mining project If implemented it will evict almost 100000 inhabitants from more than 100 villages within a 59 sq km radius and will create a long term impact on the environment

Phulbari Resistance 2007

Dec 22 2007 · The past week has been a week of violence expression of anger and mistrust of the people of Phulbari town and the mine area All that has happened there has shaken the whole nation The whole world has also looked at Bangladesh with concern and curiosity It is difficult to predict how Phulbari will return to normal life

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Jun 24 2008 · The Madhupur clay Lower Dupi Tila clay and the Upper and Lower Gondwana sequence are considered as impervious layers or aquitards The flow direction in all aquifers is inferred from north to south direction Conceptual hydro geological model for the Phulbari coal basin Upper Dupi Tila aquifer is the principal aquifer in the region

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Law Alter views Legal aspects of Phulbari coal mine Abul Hasanat A recent and much debated issue is the Phulbari coal mine project Energy specialists mine experts geologists economists and even bureaucrats have expressed their views on the project which is supposed to be operational soon under the authority and supervision of Asia Energy Corporation AEC a British multinational company

UN Calls for Immediate Halt of Phulbari Coal Project in

Apr 10 2012 · All in a day s work for an industry salivating at the thought of the profit it would reap from this destruction In this case that would be London based Global Coal Management Resources GCM which claims Bangladesh s coal reserves in Phulbari as its primary asset

Don t undermine Bangladesh

Mar 07 2008 · UK company Global Coal Management GCM are planning to build a coal mine in Bangladesh which will destroy the homes of 40 000 people and threaten the water supply of more than 100 000

Phulbari day of action Global Justice Now

Aug 25 2016 · A group of Bangladeshi activists contacted Global Justice Now in 2008 to stand with them in their struggle against plans for a UK backed mine that was to built in Phulbari Bangladesh If the proposal for the mine went ahead it would displace 130 000 people contaminate the water supply of hundreds of thousands and destroyed fertile land


The Phulbari mine is expected to lead to a 1 per cent increase in the gross domestic product o f Bangladesh o ver the next 30 years bringing more than US 21 billion to the

Bangladesh Phulbari Resistance was made possible by Women

The Global Coal Management plans to extract 572millions tons coal from Phulbari and wants to build a massive open cast coal mine by displacing upto 220 000 people and polluting 14 600 hectares of fertile land 1 hectare is equal to 2 471 acres or 10 000 square