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Realgar Realgar an important ore of arsenic a red or orange mineral containing both arsenic and sulfur Typically it is a minor constituent of ore veins in

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Mullen D J E Nowacki W Zeitschrift fur Kristallographie 136 1972 p 48 65 Refinement of the crystal structures of realgar AsS and orpiment As2S3 Locality

Realgar and Orpiment Arsenic Sulfide Minerals Geology

Orpiment and realgar are arsenic sulfide minerals that are currently used as ores of arsenic Before their toxicity was realized they were used as pigments

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Realgar α As4S4 is an arsenic sulfide mineral also known as quot ruby sulphur quot or quot ruby of at Mindat Realgar at Webmineral Jump up to Klein Cornelis and Cornelius S Hurlbut Manual of Mineralogy Wiley 1985 20th ed p

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